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The CathComfort Feline Foley catheter helps veterinarians to improve patient care.

feline veterinary foley catheter

Advancing feline urinary catheters

feline veterinary foley catheters

The CathComfort feline Foley catheter is an indwelling urinary catheter for the treatment of urethral obstruction and associated diseases affecting the lower urinary tract in domesticated male feline veterinary patients.

Designed to re-establish patency of the urethra and drain urine from the bladder to a closed urine collection system, the CathComfort feline Foley catheter aims to provide a urinary catheter with functional and technical advantages that does not need to be secured by sutures and is easier to place, maintain, and remove.

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Lead by a veterinarian and developed with expert component designer and manufacturers, our goal is to improve patient care with novel treatment options for common clinical practice needs.

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